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Happy Fall!

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying this bizarre weather- fingers crossed we actually see fall this year. 

I'm currently filling up the calendar for the holidays- if you're interested in Encapsulation services and have an EDD around Thanksgiving or Christmas, please touch base now as my spots will be limited! As always, check in with me last minute if you need to, but I'd like to make sure everyone who would like services is on my schedule and I plan family celebrations accordingly! 

I'm also accepting Doula clients for November, January, and March forward! Interested in prepping for childbirth, but not interested in having a doula present? Let's chat about virtual doula services from 34 weeks up to 6 months postpartum! 

Upcoming Availability Summer-Fall 2017

Hi everyone- I hope you're enjoying the summer so far. Just a quick note about my upcoming availability for placenta and doula/homebirth services. 

As of late July, I'm currently fully booked for August placenta clients. You're always welcome to check in with me, as I can sometimes take last minute clients, but I'm not accepting any more at the present time. 

September is also almost full for encapsulation availability. I'm no longer accepting anyone with an EDD later than September 5th, 2017

October into December still has several spots available for encapsulation clients. 

If you're in need of encapsulation services and I cannot help, please contact me for my list of recommended specialists in the greater Boston area who may be able to help! 

As for Doula services, I am currently accepting clients for late December through February. 


Enjoy the rest of the summer, folks! The weather is gorgeous and there's still lots to do before fall! xo

Critical looks at the current CDC article regarding GBS & Encapsulation

With the recent CDC article highlighting the isolated incident of the newborn infected with GBS and speculation that it was connected to mother's ingestion of her placenta, many families, understandably, have concerns about their own safety. It's important to read the original article and recognize that the recommendation to avoid encapsulation is based on an assumption without scientific evidence to back it up

There are so many well trained individuals- myself included- who take this job and your safety very, very seriously and take great strides to ensure that it is top priority. Having your placenta encapsulated by a specialist who has undergone training, is certified in BBP and food handling, who asks questions and knows when encapsulation or consumption is NOT appropriate is beyond important.

While GBS is not a reason to skip encapsulation, steps can be taken to ensure the best - and safest- possible outcome.

I'm always available to answer any questions you have!

APPA's Rebuttal

Spirited Birth's Rebuttal

The CDC states: “The placenta encapsulation process does not per se eradicate infectious pathogens; thus, placenta capsule ingestion should be avoided.” While I understand the intention, it is unreasonable to jump to avoidance, as speculation about the exact source of the infection should not be taken as scientific evidence particularly when there is evidence to the contrary. Dr. Sophia Johnson's recent research at Jena University demonstrated that with safe and appropriate temperatures and preparation methods, bacteria including streptococcus is eliminated or greatly reduced, well below the threshold for food products by U.K. Standards which makes the basis for the CDC assumptions not factual.

GBS can also be transmitted via oral sex and certain foods and I haven't seen any warnings issued against those.


Dr. Johnson's findings

Price and Package Changes

Happy April everyone! 

Effective April 3rd, 2016, changes have been made to all prices, as well as the introduction of package options.

These price changes reflect and include my travel time/cost, supply cost, as well as labor. I work hard to keep my prices affordable and services available for ALL clients and will continue to offer a sliding scale option for those who truly need it! Please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions or concerns. 

Please note! If you inquired about services prior to this change, but have yet to solidify services for your upcoming birth, your prices are as originally quoted. Please mention this upon hire; I should have everyone's original inquiry email on file and will adjust your fees accordingly. 


Does your placenta age or stop working postdate?

I have had numerous clients & women I've chatted with mention to me that their care providers have told them their placenta has aged, stopped working because their baby is past 40 weeks, things of that nature ultimately leading to the PCP pushing induction without evidence or research to support their claims. Here's an article discussing placental maturity vs aging. Feel free to share with your clients & friends. 

"A review of the available evidence indicates that the placenta does not undergo a true aging change during pregnancy. There is, in fact, no logical reason for believing that the placenta, which is a fetal organ, should age while the other fetal organs do not: the situation in which an individual organ ages within an organism that is not aged is one which does not occur in any biological system. The persisting belief in placental aging has been based on a confusion between morphological maturation and differentiation and aging, a failure to appreciate the functional resources of the organ, and an uncritical acceptance of the overly facile concept of “placental insufficiency” as a cause of increased perinatal mortality." 

Link below for the study! 

Aging of the Placenta

Spring 2016 News

Hello everyone & Happy March! 

I'm happy to share that this spring I will be extending my service range to include NH and the South Shore of Massachusetts. Prices will reflect travel time and will still include all pick up and delivery services! I am also working on packages and a few extra goodies for your postpartum period. Stay tuned! 

Payment Options

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say I'm joining the rest of the world in the 21st century and making it even easier to pay your services balance with a Smartphone Card Swiper. I'll be offering PayPal Here upon delivery of capsules and products, as well as continuing to accept regular paypal, cash, & check. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have! 

October Special!

Hi friends!! 

What better time for a "Thank you!" to my clientele than my son's upcoming 1st birthday! The entire month of October, I will take 20% off of placenta services & extras as a celebration of October babies...and as an extra treat, if anyone is born on my son's birthday, October 22, I will waive your balance altogether!!  

Simply enter the coupon code "ROLANDSCOUT" to the coupon code box at the bottom of the letter of agreement form under the Placenta Services section. If you wish to apply the discount to your deposit instead of your balance, please email me so we can make that happen for you. 

You must confirm booking for your October birth on my calendar by September 31st- but please don't hesitate to check in with me for last minute services! I can usually fit everyone in & I'd love to be of service! 

A few updates

Hi everyone- I hope you're having a great summer & enjoying this warm weather! I've had a busy month and am looking forward to having a quiet August before things pick back up in September. I'm headed to VT to house sit on a small farm for the month-if that's not heaven, I'm not sure what is. 

I wanted to share a few quick things:

I updated the  Placentophagy Benefits section of the website- tidied it up a bit and added up to date additional resources and links to research. 

I'm also excited to share that I will be providing the L&D/Maternity staff at Melrose Wakefield hospital with information on Placenta Encapsulation this week! I'm meeting with their on-staff LC tomorrow to answer a number of questions on the process and benefits- wish me luck! I have a lot of great things to share and I always look forward to helping them support new families. 

I'm currently accepting clients for fall and winter, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me to see if PE is right for you! I'm here to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to email or call me- or you can see if the FAQ section can help! 


Placentophagy Papers, Reviews & Studies: What They Really Mean

Courtesy of Association of Placenta Preparation Arts:

"You’ve probably seen the recent headlines or shared Facebook posts with sensationalized titles along the same lines as The Washington’s Post headlines of “Hold up, new moms: Before eating your placenta, consider this new study.” I propose a new headline of, “New paper and literature review say absolutely nothing new” but that’s not going to draw nearly as much buzz, social media activity, or page clicks that bring up ad revenue as the headlines making bolder statements. Let’s take a look at what these new publications are and what it is actually saying, headlines aside."


Hello March!

It's almost spring!! I'm sure everyone here in MA & New England is as anxious as I am to say good-bye to winter.  I'm definitely looking forward to turning the clocks ahead this weekend & watching all of this snow melt away. Maybe we'll see the grass by June?? 😉 


Just a reminder- I'm booking up fast for spring and summer encapsulations! I have 2 more (maybe 3) openings for March, 3 for April, and I will be on vacation in May. If you're interested in learning more about how encapsulation can benefit your postpartum period- or know someone who is- please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would love to chat with you! 

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a safe & joyous holiday season! I'm looking forward to a beautiful and abundant new year and I wish the same to you!  

As of January, I am exclusively providing Placenta Encapsulation Services for families in the Greater Boston area. As my encapsulation schedule has become increasingly busy and full, I have discovered that this is where I really enjoy focusing my passion in birth work. Providing postpartum services to new families is an honor for me- as a new parent myself, I know how important support in the 4th trimester is and how much encapsulation benefited my own recovery. I hope to be able to pass that on to countless families in the years to come. 

I will no longer be taking doula clients until further notice. I may make exceptions for midwife-attended home births and would be happy to discuss this further with interested parties.

I would love to provide expectant parents with a list of area doulas who I guarantee can provide you with the support you deserve during your pregnancy and birth...and I look forward to serving your postpartum needs this year!  


Placenta Services

Hi everyone! Hope you all are getting the chance to enjoy this gorgeous late spring weather- I'm so excited it's finally decided to warm up here on the North Shore. Those long winters are really something. 

I've been incredibly busy wrapping up my final births and studying for my midwifery classes, but I'm excited to finally be adding a Placenta Encapsulation section to the website. It's been just wonderful to see the recent increase in interest in this beneficial process and practice- I'm happy to report summer is filling up quickly and June has already produced many satisfied mama's! I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has hired me to serve them during this postpartum period. What an honor it is for me to do what I can to make this transition easier for each and every one of you...and I love hearing how it has benefitted my clients! From increased energy to abundant milk supply, placenta encapsulation can help make your 4th trimester a little easier. 

I've added a section on Placentophagy and it's benefits, as well as a services sheet. Over the next few days, I hope to have an intake form and contract section similar to the Doula services section. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have! I look forward to hearing from you! 


Spring News

Hi everyone- just a little update to share. As of March, I'm taking a short break from births. Not too long- just a couple months. I'm newly pregnant myself (!!) & this busy doula is WIPED OUT... so I'm going to take a little time out to recharge, focus on my studies with Womancraft Midwifery, and then it's back at it in May. 

I'll still be accepting placenta service clients in the meantime and for those of you interested in how having a doula can positively influence your birth experience, I'm running a special for the month of April. If you're expecting a baby between May & September 2014, schedule a free consultation with me by April 15th; if you choose to hire me, receive $50 off doula services. Feel free to contact me with any questions!  

**I'm also willing to offer a $25 discount to placenta encapsulation/services if preferred**



Thanks for stopping by to check out my site. It's coming along...I'm putting everything together on my own, so it's taking some time. I'm hoping to have all pertinent information, links, & credentials up & the site completed by March! Thanks for your patience & your time, hope to speak with you soon!