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Does your placenta age or stop working postdate?

I have had numerous clients & women I've chatted with mention to me that their care providers have told them their placenta has aged, stopped working because their baby is past 40 weeks, things of that nature ultimately leading to the PCP pushing induction without evidence or research to support their claims. Here's an article discussing placental maturity vs aging. Feel free to share with your clients & friends. 

"A review of the available evidence indicates that the placenta does not undergo a true aging change during pregnancy. There is, in fact, no logical reason for believing that the placenta, which is a fetal organ, should age while the other fetal organs do not: the situation in which an individual organ ages within an organism that is not aged is one which does not occur in any biological system. The persisting belief in placental aging has been based on a confusion between morphological maturation and differentiation and aging, a failure to appreciate the functional resources of the organ, and an uncritical acceptance of the overly facile concept of “placental insufficiency” as a cause of increased perinatal mortality." 

Link below for the study! 

Aging of the Placenta