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Critical looks at the current CDC article regarding GBS & Encapsulation

With the recent CDC article highlighting the isolated incident of the newborn infected with GBS and speculation that it was connected to mother's ingestion of her placenta, many families, understandably, have concerns about their own safety. It's important to read the original article and recognize that the recommendation to avoid encapsulation is based on an assumption without scientific evidence to back it up

There are so many well trained individuals- myself included- who take this job and your safety very, very seriously and take great strides to ensure that it is top priority. Having your placenta encapsulated by a specialist who has undergone training, is certified in BBP and food handling, who asks questions and knows when encapsulation or consumption is NOT appropriate is beyond important.

While GBS is not a reason to skip encapsulation, steps can be taken to ensure the best - and safest- possible outcome.

I'm always available to answer any questions you have!

APPA's Rebuttal

Spirited Birth's Rebuttal

The CDC states: “The placenta encapsulation process does not per se eradicate infectious pathogens; thus, placenta capsule ingestion should be avoided.” While I understand the intention, it is unreasonable to jump to avoidance, as speculation about the exact source of the infection should not be taken as scientific evidence particularly when there is evidence to the contrary. Dr. Sophia Johnson's recent research at Jena University demonstrated that with safe and appropriate temperatures and preparation methods, bacteria including streptococcus is eliminated or greatly reduced, well below the threshold for food products by U.K. Standards which makes the basis for the CDC assumptions not factual.

GBS can also be transmitted via oral sex and certain foods and I haven't seen any warnings issued against those.


Dr. Johnson's findings